Flying Samaritans has four basic missions: primary care, specialty care, education, and emergency care. In our primary care role, Flying Samaritans fly and drive to clinics where they provide non-emergency services such as family medicine, optometry, ophthalmology, audiology, dentistry and dental hygiene, and preventative healthcare. Most patients are in the Mexican population who are ineligible for Mexican Social Security medical care.

The second mission, specialty care, is a cooperative effort to provide specialized care such as surgery and treatment that require medical follow-up. Specialty care is provided at locations such as the Medical Center in San Quintin, a four-hour drive south of Rosarito Beach, where follow-up care is available.

Our third mission is to assist in the education of “pasantes”, Mexican medical and dental graduates interested in gaining practical experience and enhancing their skills by working in close cooperation with our providers at the clinics. Flying Samaritans serve at the invitation of and in close collaboration with Universidad Autonoma de Baja California (Tijuana) providing training vital to their graduate students’ education.

Lastly, to meet medical emergencies, our professionals assist with disaster relief and other critical medical needs of their local community.


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