The City of Rosarito Beach has donated land and professionals have contributed architectural and construction plans for a permanent clinic building. Approximately $193,000 is needed to build the clinic, which will have a pharmacy for dispensing donated medications; triage and examining rooms; hearing and vision facilities; plus a room for in health education.

This new building will be located approximately ½ mile south of the new Regional Convention Center and on the south side of the Toll Road. The street address is Calle General Francisco Villa, lots 5-10. Flying Samaritans Rosarito Beach Chapter seeks support in realizing its vision to have a clinic large enough to meet ever-increasing needs and secure enough to be its permanent home.


Building Advisory Board:

•   Javier Robles Aguirre Former Mayor of Rosarito Beach
•   Hugo E. Torres Chabert Former Mayor of Rosarito Beach
•   Jose Guillermo Torres Urbalejo President of the Commission of Public Services, Rosarito Beach
•   Manuel Valladolid Leading Agronomist. Tijuana, Mexico.
•   The Honorable Esteban Torres Former:
U.S. Ambassador to United Nations, Education, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO);
Special Assistant to President Jimmy Carter, White House, Washington D.C.;
Commissioner, California Transportation Commission; and
Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives.



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