In February 1994, seven people met informally at the home of Nancy Callison, R.N., who had been involved with Flying Samaritans since 1961, to discuss the possibility of organizing a clinic in Rosarito Beach. More meetings followed and the group grew larger. B.J. Carpenter made a presentation to the International Board of Directors and on December 3 1994, a clinic was sanctioned for the people of Rosarito Beach.

The Mexican family of Luis Menjares, a blind couple whose daughter was confined to a wheelchair, donated their humble private home once a month to accommodate a clinic. In 1995, a local doctor made her hospital facilities available until; once again, an increased caseload required a move to larger quarters. A temporary accommodation was made at Rosarito Cruz Roja Hospital until a centrally located residence was rented and adapted for clinical use. Again, due to increased caseload, that facility became too small and the clinic was moved to its present location.

The primary care clinic helps nearly 300 patient visits per month, while the hearing and eye clinics provide services to another 50 patients per month. The primary care clinic, which is well located in Rosarito Beach between the two largest cities of Tijuana and Ensenada, provides care to many patients with diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis, in addition to patients with general medical problems from a population of more than 1.5 million.

Health education of our patients is an important focus in our clinic. Since health care is so limited to the Mexican population that we serve, it is important to educate patients on how to live a healthier life, thereby providing them with information and tools to reduce ongoing medical care.


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